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ryan hoover

Ryan Hoover is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher who employs and develops new technologies to explore their impact on our world. Operating at the intersection of digital and biological systems, Hoover’s work investigates the nature of code as it operates in language and matter. He develops and shares digital tools including Alba a synthetic biology design suite, and Xylinus a tool for novel control of 3D printers, both integrated into the Rhino/Grasshopper CAD platform. He works with scientists, engineers, and activists in a collaborative practice driven by creativity, supported by shared knowledge, and motivated by ethical concerns for our present and future. As faculty in the Interdisciplinary Sculpture department at the Maryland Institute College of Art, he teaches research-based courses in digital and biological fabrication. Hoover is a board member for the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space and is engaged at BUGSS with grant-funded R&D on biomaterials and bioprinting. His work is exhibited, downloaded, and put to use in galleries, labs, and studios around the world.