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sarah ware

Sarah Blossom Ware is the Founder and Director of BioBlaze Community Bio Lab in the Chicago suburbs. In addition, she is an adjunct biology professor at Benedictine University and College of DuPage and she teaches at high school homeschool coops. Sarah has recently created and taught a junior level bio elective class at Benedictine called Selected Topics: Biohacking. In this class, students are introduced to a variety of topics such as CRISPR gene editing of bacteria, plant tissue culture, bio art, bio textiles and microfluidics. Students also build equipment such as a bioreactor, portable sterile hood and gel imager. Numerous remote guest speakers allow students to become immersed in the biohacking culture highlighting open source sharing of information and disruptive biology. In the near future, Sarah plans to offer such a course to the community via BioBlaze Community Bio Lab. Let’s collaborate!