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sebastián gómez

Sebastián studies biotechnolgy engineering at the University of the Armed Forces-ESPE. Currently, He is part of ESPE's synthetic biology team and is planning to study a Master's degree related to synthetic and systems biology or biotechnology. His biggest dream is finding out how we can use yeast to produce secondary metabolites. This is because most people are living with less and less space to grow medicinal plants, so providing everyone with an almost infinite source of high-quality medicinal compounds, produced by a small home-based bioreactor is his goal.

Sebastián has been interested in biohacking since 2014 when he read about it on the Internet. Since then, he's been also trying to inform people around him about scientific breakthroughs and teaching them basic biology, so they can apply something of that in their day-by-day. On the other hand, everyone should know about what scientists are doing in their labs and how that impacts in their lives, because it does. So, informing people about what they are doing in our labs, as well as helping them to apply science is an important role of his work as a biotechnology specialist and synthetic biologist.