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sophany phauk

Phauk, Sophany, completed his BSc. Biology in 2007 and with his continued his master degree in MSc. Biodiversity Conservation (2011) at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). Being all most a decade with his professional skill in biology and conservation science, Sophany spent a lot of time of exploring and gained many experiences relevant to his field of study in country and abroad. Moreover, he played a significant ambassador representative with the meeting, conferences, and training of biodiversity conservation. One of his effective life experience is he was granted to be a trainer with the environmental restoration and conservation program at EarthCorps in Seattle, WA and Fulbright-Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Illinois, Illinois USA. Currently, he is serving as the lecturer at the department of Biology and founder of Cambodian Entomology Initiatives at RUPP. With his study background, he is specialized in bat ecology and Cambodian Insect Diversity more focus on Leaf and Treehoppers