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Uriel Eleazar Barboza Pérez 

I graduated in May as an engineer in Biotechnology from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and am currently working helping in the build a cell project at Stanford. 

I’m an iGEM Alumni having participated for the las 5 years. I'm interested in the use of synthetic biology for conservation of biology and for this reason I formed part of the group Youth Biotech  that participated in the 2016 United Nations Biodiversity Conference in order to give our voice in favor of the use of responsible biotechnological solutions for the environment. 

I have followed the DIY Bio movement for about 4 years but never done any actual biohacking until now. I will soon start to help push the Biohackerspace Bioesfera at my home town Irapuato,

Guanajuato in  Mexico by first introducing educational activities with the help of the Biobuilder program in collaboration with the biobuilder team. This with the hopes bringing the program to the spanish speaking community.