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yasaman sheri

Yasaman Sheri is a designer and creative director who works in the field of sensing and perception. She is passionate about networks in nature and machines, and explores design beyond the visual interface. She has led design interactions at Microsoft Hololens Operating System team for 5 years designing interfaces using gesture, machine vision and spacial interactions. Her work with Augmented Reality has inspired her to expand sensory interactions designing for the "other senses" in haptics, flavors, smell and micro-organisms. These explorations have led her to collaborations with Toyota, Mozilla XR Studio, Google (X), Sissel Tolaas and Yeast Lab. Yasaman is also an educator, teaching Sensory Design at Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design and works with the senior leadership team at the school to grow the Life Sciences Initiative in Design. She is frequent visiting lecturer and faculty at Art Center College of Design, Columbia GSAPP and Stanford. Yasaman is now residing at Ginkgo Bioworks where she is exploring new microbial interfaces and biosensors in Synthetic Biology and the new types of sensing and interactions that might emerge from the synergy between Design and Science.